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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

These Simple Tips Can Help Keep You Safe During Business or Vacation Travel EP 15

A wise man once said fear should be a counselor, not a jailor. Follow these tips to help you enjoy traveling while you avoid being victimized in hotels.


Perform Hotel Risk Assessments.

Look up the crime map that includes the region that your hotel is located. What type of crime is typically happening? Casual crime is nothing to worry about however high reporting of burglary, and assault may redirect you to a different hotel.

Check Google Street View your potential hotel.

Unlike the hotel's website, these photos are not censored by the owner. Review and you may find things that may exist that were taken by previous guests.

Do not stay at hotels-motels were you park in front of your door and access your hotel room. AxxNox
Do not stay at hotels-motels were you park in front of your door and access your hotel room. AxxNox

Stay a Hotels With a Single Point of Entry.

Stay in hotels that direct guest access through a single point of entry. Casual criminals are kept away from the type of security that occurs in the reception area.  Do not stay at hotels-motels were you park in front of your door and access your hotel room. Criminals target the hotels because they have access to guests and exit and escape are too easy.

Be Cautious on Hotels With Lush Dark Landscaping Grounds.

Dark lush landscaping is a welcoming concealment to criminals. They are perfect points to attack. Parkin well-lit areas and as close to the hotel as possible. Many hotel thefts take place in parking lots and structures. Females traveling alone should ask for an escort to their cars at night.

Dont Stay At Hotels That Use Metal keys! 

Metal guest room keys are copied to easily. If you're handed a  traditional cut metal key? You may want to reconsider your choice.

Avoid Hotels With Metal keys! AxxNox
Avoid Hotels With Metal keys! AxxNox

Do Not Book a Room On The Ground Floor.

Rooms on the ground floor are more easily broken into. Request a room on floors 2-6. In case of a fire, a fire ladder can still reach a sixth-floor window. Ground floors give criminals immediate access to sliding glass doors and windows

Avoid Hotel Rooms Near Stairways.

Avoid rooms that are near the stairway that leads outside. Smokers and guests unloading their cars have a habit of propping doors open subverting good security for convenience. Avoid rooms on floors with meeting rooms where non-hotel guests may more easily come and go.

Be Your Own Bell Hop.

Carry your own bags into a hotel. If you are standing at the check-in desk, keep your bags beside you, or have one of your party stand with the bags off to the side.

Add Additional Security AxxNox
Add Additional Security AxxNox

Check Door Locks and Add Additional Security.

When you first get to your room, inspect the door locks to make sure are working correctly. Check any adjoining room locks as well as balcony doors should you have one.

Pile Luggage in Front of Door- AxxNox
Pile Luggage in Front of Door- AxxNox

Look at the door jam and inspect for longitudinal damage or crakes in the door. That could indicate the door has previously been breached if so you may want to reconsider staying there.

There are a lot of simple commercially available hotel door locking/alert devices on the market. It is a good idea to have your own in addition to what the hotel offers. Finally, place bags in front of the door when your sleeping to slow down the attacker. Additional time gives you options.

Hotel Door Locking-Alert Devices AxxNox

Check Windows Locks.

Window locks are sometimes left opened or unlocked by cleaning staff who may have aired the room out and forgotten to lock or close them.

Never open your door to

anyone who knocks unexpectedly.

If someone unexpectedly knocks claiming to be a member of the hotel staff, call the front desk to verify their status before opening the door. Teach children to never open the door without your permission.

Leave Yur Room As If It Was Occupied.

When you leave your room, leave on the light, place the “do not disturb” sign on your door and leave the television on. Bad guys may pass on your room looking for an easier target.

Leave your hotel room as if it was occupied. AxxNox
Leave your hotel room as if it was occupied. AxxNox

Know The Hotel Environment.

Take some time to look at the emergency exit map and have a plan to exit your room safely in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Have your go-bag ready with a flashlight and all your valuables together just in case. Leave your shoes easily accessible as well.

Don't be paranoid just be mindful. Take ownership of your personal security. Know how to escape a fire and deal with theft. Your hotel room safety is very important, and you need to be prepared.

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