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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Strategies, Techniques, and Tips To Fighting Multiple Opponents

No one wants to get caught in the situation of having to fight multiple attackers so it should be avoided.

7 Fighting Skills When Facing Multiple Attackers
7 Fighting Skills When Facing Multiple Attackers

Preliminary skills include your basic self-defense that consists of;

  • Palm striking or traditional punching

  • Low-level kicking elements.

  • Knee strikes

  • Elbow strikes

Condition and Fitness Level is Critical When Facing Multiple Attackers

The importance of fitness when fighting multiple attackers cannot be overstated. The strategies you be deploying will require you to outwork your attackers so you cannot afford to run out of gas during the situation.

Before we get started let review some critical DO NOTs when fighting multiple attackers at one time.

  1. Do not get taken to the ground.

  2. Do not get in the position between two or more attackers.

  3. Avoid the clinch or getting tied up.

Strategy When Fighting Multiple Attackers

Assuming you have developed your effective self-defense techniques, realistic training methods, and a solid fitness condition programming we can move on to strategy

1. Take The First Attacker Out Fast

Quickly taking one of the opponents out will have a profound psychological effect on the remaining attackers and reduce their fighting force. The sooner this happens the better. This can be achieved by a pre-emptive surprise attack if the situation looks bad.

Keep Moving and Line Up Multiple Attackers
Keep Moving and Line Up Multiple Attackers

2. Keep Moving and Line Up Multiple Attackers

Your mobility is key to this strategy. The goal is to align one attacker in front of the other at all times. This causes the opponent you’re currently dealing with to block the other opponent’s path to you. Think of it as using one of the attackers as a meat shield between the other.

Keep Moving and Line Up Multiple Attackers
Keep Moving and Line Up Multiple Attackers

Spread your time between each attacker. You don't want to spend to much time with any one of the attackers as it will give the other time to think and place themselves in a dominant position. Shove or drive one opponent into the other. Engage, evade, and reengage.

You will discover it's not too hard however its gets tiring quickly and it becomes more difficult for you the longer it goes on so try and put a conclusion with 60 - 120 seconds

Train It

Start with basic sparring session and slowly progress by adding multiple partners, where you train to line them up so you only fight one at a time.

3. Utilize Your Gutterfighting Skills When Facing Multiple Attackers

4. Force Multiple Attackers Into a Gap

Borrowing from the Greek's strategy during the battle of Thermopylae. The greeks blocked the advance of the much larger Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae. The overwhelming Persian numbers were thwarted since the narrow pass would only allow a limited number of attackers. The Greeks were able to inflict massive damage on the approaching Persian army.

Force Multiple Attackers Into a Gap- AxxNox
Force Multiple Attackers Into a Gap- AxxNox

In a Close Quarters Battle CQB setting, you can utilze doorways and hallways to create an environment where the attackers can only get to you one at a time.

5. Feint Attacks, Retreat, and Reposition When Fighting Multiple Attackers

A feint attack is typically used as a diversion to force the attacker to concentrate his attention to a given area, to weaken the opposing force in another area. It is formulated to draw their defensive action towards the point under assault.

The feint retreat or is carryed-out by engaging the enemy briefly, then retreating. It is intended to cause disarray or draw the enemy pursuit into a prepared ambush.

Reposition Yourself Constantly

6. Use Obstacles When Fighting Multiple Attackers

Use objects of opportunity that are in you environment to confuse trip up and restrict your attacker's movement. Trees, garbage cans, chairs, walls and stairs should be utilized.

7. Use Weapons When Fighting Multiple Attackers

Everyone especially women should become proficient with some type of weapons like a stick or knife. A well-trained person with a weapon will increase your odds in a multiple opponent scenario drastically.

A weapon will allow you to take out your attacker quicker, and depending on the weapon you may be able to extend your reach, allowing you to more easily line them up.

Weapons that provide a measurable distance are best for multiple attackers. Weapons like pepper spray, handgun, sticks, and machetes.

Fighting multiple attackers is not a fair fight so don't feel any issues with bringing weapons into it. It will be difficult to survive without the use of some type of weapon.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Taken to the Ground When Fighting Multiple Attackers

I would never say it's over but is very bad to get take to the ground when fighting multiple attackers. Get to your feet as quickly as possible using a technical stand up to protect to vital areas.

Often times multiple attacher encounters are of the ambush type where the attackers have a thought out plan. The best piece of advice is to avoid situations that may lead to multiple attackers. Develop your situational skillsets to prevent you from walking into those settings.

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