9 Wartime Strategies For Your Personal Self Defense

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Militaries from around the globe formulate tactics of war they believe are significant contributors to victory on the battlefield. They are the principals of military conflict, whether you’re Shock and Awe campaign or The Economy of Movement.

The following concepts are what some militaries have taken from Carl von Clausewitz’ work “On War”. Von Clausewitz called it a "logical fantasy," warfare cannot be conducted in a limited way.

Human competitive nature will force all parties to use all means necessary to attain victory. Such rigid logic is unrealistic and dangerous in the real world.

We have reviewed them and applied to urban violence in the modern information age.

1 What is The Objective:

Every plan should have a clear and distinct goal, each of which sequentially contributes to breaking the opponent's will to fight. In urban combat, this translates to, in a large part, not to fight at all unless you absolutely need to protect yourself.

While fighting, it translates to fighting frugally — to recognizing that your ATP energy system depletes quickly and using stark, powerful techniques that will have a significant effect on your opponent. Never struggle. Focus on your objective.

2 Take Control:

Seize the initiative. Turn the predator into prey by reversing the momentum from the attacker. Force the attacker to defend and they will question whether the energy needed to invest to reach their goal is worth it. Punishing the attacker with intent.

3 Concentrate Your Force In Mass:

Armies direct their forces of overwhelming power at a decisive time and location. That involves concentrated the counties' land, air, and sea resources all fixed on an enemy.

From this, we can take the fight to the attacker by concentrating our best techniques, using all our impact striking skills such as hands, elbows, knees, and kicks. Your attack focused on the right time and target to overcome the opponent.

Throwing ax hand to the side of the neck of the attacker which opens up an opportunity for you short kick his shin to collapsing his knee. Falling forward opens up the back of his head for another strike.

The Take Away From Wartime Strategies In Our Personal Self Defense
The Take Away From Wartime Strategies In Our Personal Self Defense

4 Use of Deception:

"Lying is an elementary form of self defense." Deception between armies refers to efforts to trick the opposing forces during combat. This is usually accomplished by producing or magnifying an artificial fog of war via psychological operations, information warfare, visual deception, as well as other techniques.

Remember the acronym FUD, it stands for Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It is a disinformation strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear. This can be accomplished by but not limited to;

  • Making yourself appear larger then you are.

  • Creating a hard target.

  • The illusion that there are more of you then there is.

  • Representing yourself in an unstable and psychotic fashion.

  • Allow the enemy to believe they have an unexpected advantage.

  • Appear injured, weak, or drunk so their guard comes down.

  • etc

5 Dominant Position:

The positioning of forces enables an army to achieve an advantage over the enemy. That can be in the form of taking the high ground or concealment. It typically gives the army more options and controls then the opposing army.

During violent encounters, it's critical you halt your attacker’s drive. Once this occurs the opponent realizes they made a mistake and then begins to reorient to you. At this point, you can seize the initiative to concentrate your attack on them.

It is futile to do with more what can be done with fewer.

6 The Economy of Movement:

Strategic principles to utilize the movement of an army in an economical fashion. Guided by rules and suggestions to improve the military operations to reducing fatigue and unnecessary movements with a goal of conserving resources and assets.

The efficiency of Action: Efficiency is defined as minimizing wasted effort.

Simply put its the efficient use of force and engagement of resources. If your assaulted you're most valuable asset is your fitness level and how much gas you have left in the tank. Fear and stress caused by the fight or flight response consume an enormous amount of your energy and endurance. It's important you deploy your remaining energy responsibly.

7 Develop Situational Awareness Skills:

You do not need to wait for a dangerous situation to occur in order to gain insights and build mental file folders for what to do if you are confronted with a potentially life-threatening situation.

Be vigilant and maintain situational awareness. Put the phone away and avoid distractions when you're in public Learn and develop the skills that can recognize pre-attack indicators so you can avoid and escape. Stop the attacker from having any unexpected advantage.

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8 Shock and Awe:

Attack the opponent when and where they are not prepared. A Pre-emptive attack before the opponent can attack you has a profound psychological impact on their motivation.

Multiplanar strikes high, low, high, low keep them on the defensive and guess where the next attack is coming from. Strikes and blows should be unpredictable.

9 Fortune Favors Simplicity:

Violent encounters are unpredictable and can turn either direction with fortune. Complicating unpredictable events can be catastrophic. Occam’s razor tells us "When faced with complex equations the simplest explanation is usually the best one". The equation is the encounter and your response is the explanation.

Applying these Wartime Strategies For Your Personal Self Defense allows you to conserve your precious resources and focus on the critical pieces of the puzzle. Having to formulate a plan while under the fight or flight response can be disastrous. Going into it with a plan will lead to better performance and better outcomes.

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