How Rethinking Fear Can Change Your Life And Put You You On The Path To FearLess Living (New)

Identifying and changing your association with fear will help you overcome what's holding you back. Make fear work for you by following these proven, practical strategies and find the path to FearLess living.

  1. What is Fear

  2. Fear Feels Abnormal But Its Quite Normal

  3. Fear is Controllable


  5. Everyone Feels Fear


  7. Fear Has Many Disguises

How Powerful is Fear

The following strategies are from our FearLess Living® program that will allow you to embrace your association with fear.

How Rethinking Fear Can Change Your Life And Put You You On The Path To FearLess Living (New)
How Rethinking Fear Can Change Your Life And Put You You On The Path To FearLess Living (New)

Change your association with fear and you can instantly change your life. Learn to use your fear as fuel.

Volumes of research have been collected and written about the physiological effects of fear. Fight or flight or adrenaline dump. we human beings suffer from the effects regardless of what science calls it.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Fear

The feelings of being afraid or severe anxiety can make your mind and body work very quickly. These are some of the things that might happen:

  • Fast heartbeat– possible irregular

  • Fast and possible shallow breathing

  • The feeling of muscles weakness

  • Sweating

  • Stomach aches or your bowels feel loose

  • Loss of concentration

  • Dizzyness

  • Loss or dramatic increase in appetite

  • Hot and cold sweats

  • Dry mouth

  • Tense muscles

Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, tunnel vision, maybe a sense of uneasiness. These are familiar responses we all know when we get fearful. No one wants to hesitate, choke, panic, or freeze up due to an adrenaline dump that's was brought on by fear.

Fear creates doubt - doubt causes hesitation, and hesitation drives us to procrastinate. The story is the same for us all. The vicious cycle of escapism. Fear changes our behavior. Apart from changes to our physiology, if we focus so much of our energy on fear we are wasting time, too.

How Rethinking Fear Can Change Your Life And Put You You On The Path To FearLess Living (New)
How Rethinking Fear Can Change Your Life And Put You You On The Path To FearLess Living (New)

We worry and obsess over our fears, most of which never come to pass. Like some morbid Ferris wheel, the reputation over and over. We feel the doubt, hesitation, procrastination, and repeat. Fearful thoughts bring about these negative consequences in our life.

TIP #1 Realise Fear Is Controllable

People will dwell too much on how they feel and remain in that reparative thought process. They stop there and fail to progress on to what to do next, is it rational,

We need to separate physiology and psychology. The ‘physiology of fear’ was owned by and run by the body, but the ‘psychology of fear’, our thoughts, were owned and run by our minds!

Reframe Fear

Entertaining excessive amount s of fear can have a more serious consequence. Most people give up early on goals, relationships, because of cynical thoughts and negative feelings.

TIP #2 Fear will be there. Expect it. Embrace it. Then use it.

Enhance your performance by understanding the psychology of fear, not the physiology of it!

  • Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior.

  • Physiology the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.

Stop trying to eliminate fear start focusing on learning to use fear to motivate and fuel the energy. When used correctly fear can give you endless energy and concentration and act like a superpower. Here is a full list of benefits of fear;

1. Fear keeps you safe.

2. Fear helps you lose weight.

3. Fear temporarily boosts your immune system.

4. Feeling fear—in the right dose—is fun and exciting.

5. Fear gives you a natural high and a sense of empowerment.

6. Fear helps you manage stress and relaxes you.

7. Fear helps you stay in the present moment and to focus.

8. Fear socializes you and bonds you to other people.

9. Fear allows you to live life to the fullest.

10. Fear gives you clarity on what’s really important in life.


People don't talk about fear. Which is one of the reasons there aren't many very effective approaches to managing fear. No one likes to discuss fear.

Misunderstood fear can have a poisonous effect on us: It robs us of enjoyment because it makes us dread the experience. Mismanaged fear can also have a deadly effect on us: It can lead us to avoid making important decisions about health, relationships, and business.

While studying fear and interviewing fights and victims and victors of violence, I learned that everyone at the moment before they had to take action experienced the physiological and psychological effects of fear.

This was a profound realization because when we watch somebody behaving courageously in the news or we see our favorite athlete or some actor in an amazing performance, we just assume they've got a special talent. It never occurs to us that they are also scared prior to the event.

To manage fear you need to understand it in a new way.

Next time you feel the physiological and psychological sensations of fear, take a breath and tell yourself, this is normal. You're feeling this because you are worrying about something that hasn't even happened.

“Fear is my friend, fear is my guide, fear will appear when I'm facing an important and new challenge in my life.”

This simple reframe is the start of making new associations.


Instead of focusing on the event, a little voice in my head kept me distracted, whispering: “If I am so good then why am I so scared?”

If I'm so good, why am I so scared? there are always several people in the class who are visibly moved. You can see a sudden realization in their face.

I'm hoping you are one of them too because that means what I'm about to share with you will have a deep impact on you.

Your mind controls your body.

How you think affects how you feel.

How you feel affects how you think.

Both will influence how you move.

If you fixate on negative thoughts, you will create an emotional weight that will make it impossible to enjoy what you're doing and in many cases impossible to experience success.


Mike Tyson would throw up before fights? What we see in the news, on the sports highlights videos is snapshots not reality. We don't see what was going on backstage. We don't know what was going on in their stomach, heart, and mind.

The great boxing coach Cus D’Amato once said, “The difference between the hero and the coward is what they do with their fear - they both feel it”.

This means that everyone feels fear, some people know how to make it work for them. Courageous people feel fear too. That's what makes them courageous! You can't be brave if you're not afraid!!

Fear is your fuel. It can supercharge you when you need it. But this can only happen when you change your association. Actually, when you change your association with fear you will change your life.


Being fearful is learned and we all get very good at it over time. Managing your fear is also a skill, and you will get very good at it over time when you learn to practice courage.

You can't negate or ignore fear - it's going to happen.

What happens next is up to you. You can use it as fuel to help you drive through the event, conflict, or confrontation that triggered the fear spike in the first place. Courage can only be attained when you most past the fear.

Courage is like a muscle - you can exercise it by practicing it. You practice courage by changing your association with fear. Supervising your fear is the gateway to all success. You can’t be brave if you’re not afraid. When you change your association with fear, you change your life.


Too often people misinterpret the feeling of excitement as fear. Often people will adopt fear in place of true feelings. Part of maturing as a person is making these mistakes and correcting them as we get more information of reflect.

Fear is a subtle foe hiding behind most emotions and masking others. The study of fear is one of the understudied subjects yet touches everyone's lives.


The most influential reframe is learning the contrast between ‘fearless’ & 'FearLess'. The notion that we will ever get to a place of no fear is a delusion. There will always be events in life that will create real fear. Fear is a necessary emotion. Holding on to a ‘no fear’ mindset only magnifies the genuine fear when we are faced with it.

Assuming a FearLess mindset implies we are going to accept it, study it, learn from it.

Fear obsession means you are either procrastinating, creating anxiety, or hiding it altogether. These actions will not make you a more complete person or improve your self-awareness.

Studying fear like science will remove many of its darker effects in your daily life. Like any science, the more we learn the less intimidating it is, The power of a FearLess mindset will help you embrace fear.

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