How Safe Do Women Feel That Use The Ride-Hailing Industry

Almost a quarter of females have turned in Uber drivers for uncomfortable behavior

When we where children it was drilled into our heads to never get into a car with a stranger. Times have changed, it’s something we do with little thought. We use our smartphones to call a complete stranger to give us a ride home to the airport or at the of a fun night out.

In October 2019 over 500 women were surveyed across the United States for this report through online polling company Pollfish. Of those who did use the apps, a majority reported they used them sporadically. Less than 1% said they never used Uber and 28% said they never used Lyft.

How Safe Do Women Feel Ride-Hailing Industry-AxxNox
How Safe Do Women Feel Ride-Hailing Industry-AxxNox

It has gotten so bad some have demanded to put security cameras in all Uber and Lyft vehicles. That is what happened with taxicabs that were mandated to have them in cities such as LA, San Francisco, Chicago. 

While both Lyft and Uber drivers are required to pass a criminal background check in order to be eligible for employment with the ride-hailing transportation service, but drivers with serious criminal histories have slipped through the cracks and some cities.

It turns out drivers are "sharing" ID's.  Not only don't you know who's picking you up, Uber may not either.  Background checks don't mean squat when a phone is swapped between multiple drivers. You would have to assume those that need to share IDs can't pass a background check themselves.

Uber has said in its own safety report that it had received roughly 6,000 reports of sexual assault and 464 allegations of rape in its rides over the course of 2017 and 2018. Uber admitted law enforcement was involved in only 37 percent of reported rape cases.

  • If you have no other alternative to taking an Uber, do you know what signs to look for that you're in a potentially dangerous situation?

  • Do you listen to your gut?

  • Do you know how to deescalate and remove yourself from a situation before it's too late?

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