How To Palm Strike-Open Fist Punch EP 4

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Today's video is on Palm Strikes or Open Fist Punching Image of bob with a palm strike.

Palm Strike Or Open Fist Overview Palm strikes are rarely seen in competitive sports because of the propensity of the accidental and illegal eye gouge however these strikes are underrated, more effective, and safer in many environments. If you're not bound by rules why not take advantage of some of the benefits of palm strikes. MMA fight

How To Palm strike-Open Fist Punch
How To Palm strike-Open Fist Punch

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How To Palm strike-Open Fist punch
How To Palm strike-Open Fist punch

Palm striking allows you to hit more contact areas which increases odds of hitting a target. The strike is safer and more effective when used on hard targets such as bone, body armor, or helmets. Since you're less worried about injury. You can increase your energy output. Palm strikes have the benefit of the incidental eye gouge, grip possibilities, and less telegraphing. They are effective at close range at and distance, stand up and ground. Lets Review the shape of the hand for the Palm Strike Jab Cross

Position the fingers like you holding a grapefruit.

This strike will be performed from a thinking or ready stance Keeping a 50/50 weight distribution on the balls of your feet Check out our episode of stances Episode 7 for more details. Keeping your chin down with a relaxed movement.

Step inside the strike zone while extended you’re the palm. Accelerate using core and rotate your hips.

Move-in the direction of strike and plunge body weight and leg strength into the strike. Note the position of feet after the strike.

Note the position of feet after the palm strike.
Note the position of feet after the palm strike.

Let’s Take a Look at Some The Palm Strike Variations and Targets. Transition into a chin jab Nose /Eyes and Ear. Let's take a look at the positioning of the hand and fingers for an ear strike Make the shape of a cupping water cup however, keep your hand muscle relaxed not tense.

Very Important! Hook palm strikes should be performed with a slight bend in the elbow with the palm always leading the elbow to avoid hyperextension of your arm. Practice the movement slowly and work up to a full hook once you get the mechanics down. If there is any pain stop working this move and focus your effort on the jab-cross palm strike.

Palm strikes can be performed from mount position, you can form a cup and strike the ears. From guard, you can form a cup and strike the ears and side of the head. It can be used knee on opponents belly Video knee on belly and side control. It's important to point out that cupped palm strikes can cause ruptured eardrums. This happens when the cup strike changes the pressure at the moment of impact too fast for the body to adjust. Palm Strike Training Suggestions

Train palm strikes on a heavy bag or pads. Practice different strikes of speed and power to find the sweet spot for your current fitness level. Try variations until you feel the power coming on or falling off. Video or hitting bag Improving your core center mass strength will help all types of strike performance. Review Episode 13 to Self-defense Conditioning and fitness. Image of core strength Check out other free self-defense videos and help us continue to make these instructional videos by shopping in our Fighter apparel store at and by liking this video and subscribing to our channel…. See you next time.

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