How To Do Tactical Stand Up

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Self Defense Positions and Stances: Tactical Stand Up

Tactical Stand Up allows the combatant to stand in the presence of an attacker or potential opponent without compromising his base and making himself vulnerable to attack.

It should be reinforced every time the combatant stands up.

The combatant sits in a fighter stance and places their dominant hand behind them on the ground to provide a base, bending their non-dominant leg at the knee.

The combatant posts their foot on the ground and bending their non-dominant arm at the elbow. Next place the elbow near the knee of their non-dominant leg, with the palm of their hand in front of their head facing their opponent to defend blows.

Keeping the striking foot of their dominant leg parallel to the ground and use it to kick the opponent to create space to stand.

The combatant places their weight on their dominant hand and non-dominant foot, pick up the rest of their body.

The combatant swings the leg between the two posts. Do Not bend over at the waist or it will allow the opponent to strike with knees and kicks to the face.

The combatant places the foot behind their dominant hand keeping the knee behind the same-side arm.

After placing their weight on both feet, the combatant lifts their hand from the ground and assumes the fighter stance.

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