Self Defense Conditioning Fitness Workout Core Development & Stress Inoculation Cardio MMA EP13

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This Cardio MMA Training Will Help You Develop a Dangerous Core While Building Muscle Memory.

The Combat Conditioning workout routine is reverse engineered to strengthen the body core to develop power for striking.

Choosing self-defense skills as the conditioning tool rather than traditional ab work has a critical benefit called stress inoculation.

Stress inoculation is a technique in which the person is exposed to stress in a controlled and measured way in order to increase their "psychological resilience" against stressors.

Episode 13 Self Defense Conditioning and Fitness Workout Core Development
Episode 13 Self Defense Conditioning and Fitness Workout Core Development

When average human beings' heartbeats reach the 120 -150 range their memory recall ability is delayed or is non-existent. Simple acts like recalling what you had for dinner or using fine motor skills drops off significantly.

Self Defense Conditioning and Fitness Workout Core Development & Stress Inoculation Routine
Self Defense Conditioning and Fitness Workout Core Development & Stress Inoculation Routine

The “High Anxiety Zone”, is where you will start to lose your FINE motor skills. Self Defence involves a high heart rate and 99% of the time will involve a form of anxiousness and violence.

We are inducing stress with an intense heart rate workout 100-150 bpm. Aside from developing your core, these techniques reinforce muscle memory while your heart rate is high so its burning in and inoculating self-defense skills.

Your mind will be able to connect the dots better in high anxiety situations so that the self-defense skills are hard-wired and less likely to drop off under duress of actual hostile threat.

Fine motor skills like complicated self-defense moves become non-existent in high-stress environments for average human beings. Choosing gross motor skills reinforced with stress inoculation training will improve performance and outcome.

AxxNox Core exercises in all the environments your skills need to be able to operate within.

  • Ground

  • Clinch

  • Kicking Distance

  • Striking

Why Does The AxxNox Core Invest 40% of The Workout On Ground Striking?

Ground striking and standup are different worlds. They utilize different muscle groups, angels of attack, and striking points. It's critical to develop the muscle memory of ground striking.


  • Punching

  • Palm Strikes

  • Hammer Fists

  • Reverse Hammer Fists

  • Knee Strikes

  • Elbow Strikes

  • Forward Kicks

  • Round House Kicks

This is high-intensity training not fighting so it's NOT recommended that you hit the bag as hard as you can, pace yourself. It is suggested to vary your strike cadence, speed, and power to mimic an actual fight.

When training on the ground it is suggested you vary your plane levels meaning hi and low levels.

This video has a printable workout checklist below as a companion to assist.

Required equipment is a standing heavy bag, MMA floor bag, and a floor matt. We have color-coded the different sections.

  • Warmup

  • Strength

  • Stretching

  • Ground Drills

  • Standing Striking Bag Drills

  • Focus ab development

  • Cooldown stretching

Start this workout performing each exercise for 10 seconds with breaks in between. After a couple of weeks expand the time to 20 seconds. Keep progressing the time by 10 seconds to keep the program challenging.

  1. Jumping Jacks

  2. High knees

  3. Mountain climbers

  4. Butt Kickers

  5. Choose with a light weight dumbbell: Curls 15 reps 15x Overhead triceps 15x Overhead shoulder 15x REPEAT 3x

  6. Cross arm over the chest, rotate wrists switch

  7. Rotate your neck switch rotate shoulders switch

  8. Pull leg in rotate ankle pull back

  9. Pushups

  10. Sit outs Video Begins

  11. Triangle Twist grab the head

  12. Mount palm strike L/R

  13. Mount hook Right

  14. Mount hook Left

  15. Mount forearm to face or neck L/R

  16. Mount elbow strike L/R

  17. Mount hammer fist L/R

  18. Spin drills

  19. Mount to Armlock head heel strike and groin heal strike

  20. Side Control to mount

  21. Knee on belly strike elbow strike L/R

  22. Knee on belly strike left

  23. Knee on belly strike right

  24. Sitting Heel kicks L/R

  25. Side control knee strikes Left

  26. Side control knee strikes Right

  27. Side control left elbow strikes

  28. Side control right elbow strikes

  29. Side control hammer fist L/R

  30. Side control reverse hammer fist L/R

  31. Technical stand-ups kick / Break Fall

  32. Guard strike Left

  33. Guard strike Center

  34. Guard strike Right

  35. Guard crunch around bag L/R

  36. Guard foot on waist knee on the waist

  37. Freestyle Ground Attack

  38. Freestyle Ground Attack

  39. Rest

  40. Jab Jab Cross L/R

  41. Jab Cross Hook L/R

  42. Jab Cross Hook Hook L/R

  43. HookHook L/R

  44. Upper Upper L/R

  45. Knee Strike L/R

  46. Elbow strike L/R

  47. Burpee

  48. Freestyle Heavy Bag Attack

  49. Freestyle Heavy Bag Attack

  50. Jab Jab Jab Cross Hook Left

  51. Jab Jab Jab Cross Hook Right

  52. Squats

  53. Push up position knee to elbow

  54. HookHook Upper Upper

  55. Roundhouse L/R

  56. Pushup position elbow touch L/R

  57. Freestyle bag Attack

  58. Freestyle bag Attack

  59. Rest

  60. Crunches

  61. Straight leg Russian twist

  62. 6 inch and hold

  63. Scissor kicks

  64. Bicycle crunches

  65. Plank

  66. Plank

  67. Child's pose stretch Left-arm cross under right arm switch

  68. Catcher stance

  69. Lay on your back cross knee over and switch

  70. Rotate Left shoulder and switch

  71. Pull leg in rotate ankle then grab an ankle and pull the leg back and switch

  72. Truck twist

The Combat Conditioning Analysis Example 40 Seconds on 15 off
The Combat Conditioning Analysis Example 40 Seconds on 15 off

Self Defense Conditioning and Fitness Workout Core Development & Stress Inoculation Routine
Self Defense Conditioning and Fitness Workout Core Development & Stress Inoculation Routine

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