How To Do a Fighting Stance

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Self Defense Positions and Stances: Fighting Stance

The fighting stance allows you to take an offensive posture conducive to attack, while still being able to move and defend yourself.

How To Do a Fighting Stance-AxxNox
How To Do a Fighting Stance-AxxNox

This stance is not only a platform for unarmed fighting; it can also be used for various weapons.

The combatant holds their hands high, with their palms facing each other in a loose fist and keeps a line of sight just above their hands.

The combatant has their chin tucked and looks just beneath their eyebrows at the opponent and uses their lead shoulder to block the side of their face.

The combatant places their lead foot 12 to 18 inches in front of their trail foot, and turns lead their foot about 15 degrees inward using a 50 / 50 weight distribution

The combatant positions their feet approximately shoulder-width apart and turns their trail foot about 45 degrees outward to provide stability.

The combatant keeps the heel of their trail foot off the ground and carries their body weight on the balls of their feet.

The combatant turns their waist slightly so that their lead hip is facing their opponent, but keeps their head and shoulders above their hips.

The combatant keeps their elbows tucked into their body to cover the sides of their torso; their elbows should not fly out horizontally while striking.

The combatant holds their forearms perpendicular to the ground so that their elbows are positioned over their knees.

Fighting Stance- AxxNox
Fighting Stance- AxxNox

The combatant bends their lead knee and pushes it forward so that their knee is directly above their toe and bends their trailing knee slightly.

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