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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

These 16 Controversial Moves in Combat Sports Are Illegal But Are They Effective?

The answer to that question completely depends on your situation. Some of these techniques are inappropriate or unsuitable for the vast majority of physical altercations.

The effectiveness of these techniques will vary. The pain thresh hold is a different person to person. What works well on one attacker may not work on another. In addition, if the attacker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol it will dull the sense of pain.

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Finally one of the most important chemicals of all is adrenaline. During violent situations the phenomenon of what is referred to as adrenaline dump occurs. The body releases massive amounts of adrenaline that can override a person's pain threshold momentary.

Get informed before you make a decision and understand the outcomes and potential consequences.

Let's review the top Ilegal moves in combat sports

1 Punches to the Back of The Head or Rabbit Punching- It is a strike to the spine or back of the head or anything behind the ears. Strikes to the back of an opponent's head or to the base of their skull. It is considered dangerous because it can damage the cervical vertebrae and spinal cord, which may lead to permanent injury. Use With Caution Only In End Of Life Scenario

2 Holding The Opponent’s Clothing or Hands - Opponents are not allowed to hold onto or grab their opponent's hand or body by use of their clothing. They can only control the hand only by actually gripping the hand of the opponent. Use Anything Available

Should These Illegal Moves In Combat Sports Like MMA Be Part of a Self Defense Training
Should These Illegal Moves In Combat Sports Like MMA Be Part of a Self Defense Training

3 Head-butting- Headbutting is when an attacker hits someone violently in the face using the front of their forehead. The headbutt is typically performed when holding an opponent's hands down leaving them defenseless. Use With Caution.

4 Biting- Biting in a fight is an act of opportunity than a technique. Used only if a soft part of an attacker's body comes close to your mouth. It should be noted that there are risks of blood born pathogens as it is very likely to break the skin. Use With Caution

5 Spitting -Spitting will not cause any harm. It may be used as a distraction or an attempt to elicit an emotional reaction throwing the opponent off his fight game. Sure.

6 Hair pulling- Hair pulling is an effective move to control the head, which in turn controls the opponent's body as a whole. While the technique itself causes minimal damage it can damage the victim's neck and spine. Use With Caution.

7 Fish-hooking The act of inserting your thumb or fingers of one or both hands into the mouth, nostrils, or other orifices of an opponent. To Finish the move the defender would tear away outwardly from the body. Sticking your weapons in the mouth of the attacker is too Risky and Too Dangerous.

Jugular Notch -  Illegal Moves In Combat Sports AxxNox
Jugular Notch - Illegal Moves In Combat Sports AxxNox

8 Placing a Finger into Opponents Cut or Laceration- The act of using fingers to tear open or apply pressure to extremely sensitive and soft tissue areas that are already damaged. Use With Caution!

9 Eye Gouging of Any Kind. Eye-gouging is the act of pressing or tearing the eye using the fingers or other instruments. Eye-gouging involves a very high risk of eye injuries, such as eye loss or blindness. Properly executed, the eye gouge is one of the most effective close-range self-defense moves. Use With Caution!

10 Groin Attacks- Striking, kicking, or grabbing the groin of a male or female attacker. The groin area has sensitive soft tissue on both men and women, even though a woman has less exposed genital area. It's not as painful as the same kick to a man. Use With Caution!

11 Striking Downward With The Point Of The Elbow- A downward strike of your opponent from a twelve o'clock position to a six o'clock position with your elbow. The concern in the ring is if the opponent is grounded the head has no were to absorb the impact so it can cause death. Use With Caution If You Are In A End Of Life Scenario!

12 Small Joint Manipulation- Small joint manipulation can range from wrist locks to finger peeling and breaking. They are targets of chance and fortune as most are hard to go for. Use With Caution!

13 Throat strikes of any kind, - Any attack that uses gouges, fingers, thumbs, or outer palm strikes into their opponent's neck or trachea in an attempt to submit the opponent. Use With Caution If You Are In A End Of Life Scenario!

Clawing, Pinching, Twisting the Flesh AxxNox
Clawing, Pinching, Twisting the Flesh AxxNox

14 Clawing, Pinching, Twisting the Flesh- Flesh manipulation is a technique of attacking soft sensitive areas of the human body. Areas of the body would include the skin in relation to the red-colored muscle groups in the image below. Sure

Clawing, Pinching, Twisting Flesh Manipulation Points AxxNox
Clawing, Pinching, Twisting Flesh Manipulation Points AxxNox

15 Kicking, Stomping or Kneeing the Head of a Grounded Opponent. - If the opponent is holding you and preventing you from leaving by keeping you in his guard or trapping you in some manner these are acceptable other then that if the opponent is on the ground leave!

16 Spiking An Opponent To The Ground On Their Head Or Neck- Commonly referred to as a piledriver. It is the act of slamming the opponent onto their head or neck. This move is considered very dangerous because of the likelihood of spinal cord injury.

If the Opponent is on the ground leave!

Some of these moves fall under the victory at any cost category. What is on the line? Can you make a reasonable case that the act was justified? What are you defending against and what does it mean to you? Is a child or family member's life on the line? It all depends on your circumstances.

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