Should I Try to Defend Myself or Should I Be Compliant? How Can I Protect Myself?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

1. Should you try to defend yourself or should you be compliant?

The right answer is very personal which has relationships with your capabilities and resources. While only you can come up with the answer, in general, you should never put you or your family's safety in the hands of someone breaking into your home.

If all they want is material things the defending yourself option will scare them off easily. If they stick around it may mean they are looking to hurt you or your family. Self-defense is even more critical.

2. What are some ways a person can protect themselves if they are attacked?

Obviously it's best to prepare for an attack prior by making you and your home a hard target.

Putting that aside and all I had was one thing, in the law enforcement world, it is referred to as taping into the going home mindset. “No person or injury is going to stop me from going home to my family tonight.”

It’s the type of thinking that makes an officer that has been shot, return fire, apply a tourniquet, call for help, and hold on for back up and first aid.

From a parent's perspective, its the indignant fury that fills you with rage when you realize that someone is trying to hurt you or your child.

The mindset of having the intent on harming another human being that is trying to harm you turning you from prey to predator.

An SAS soldier once said "I would have killed the man with a rock if I didnt have a stick"

This is a going home mindset. It doesn't matter what you use, its the intent. Mindset is a weapon.

Shawn Lebrock is a self-defense instructor with AxxNox Self Defense Training and has been a student of violence-conflict for 40 years to the present day. Shawn specializes in proactive and innovative strategies which include hard target buildup, pre-attack planning, and situational awareness. He has direct experience with violence 1v1, 1v3, 10v10, and has studied Krav maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gutterfighting, MMA, Kickboxing, and edged weapons.

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