How To Perform Standing Palm Strike- Chin Shove Strike Take Down

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Standing Palm Strike- Chin Shove Strike Take Down

Step 1

Opponent steps forward with the left foot as if trying to secure the waist hold.

Step forward and slip your left hand inside the opponent's right arm and place it halfway around his waist.

Place the palm of your right hand under opponent's chin, forearm straight up and down, and close to his chin.

Step 2

Pull his waist forward with your left hand. Shove his head backward with your right hand.

Be careful not to let him fall. Keep your core balance.

This movement is not done by sheer strength, but by destroying the Opponent's balance through the proper coordination of your right and left hands.

Be careful not to jerk his head back. In a real fight, you would do so, but if you hurt your partner it will simply curtail your practice.

It is unnecessary to throw the opponent in practice.

Correct Leverage For The Standing Palm Strike- Chin Shove Strike Take Down

Take the position in the video. The Opponent is holding you around your waist. You have your hand on his chin.

Let the opponent stiffen his neck and resist your efforts to push him back so that you are struggling with the opponent's strength against strength. You will be unable to push him back.

Instead of continuing to push back against his strength push up, dropping your body a little so that your body's core is behind the upward effort.

This will instantly get him off balance and you can easily subdue him.

ADVANCED PRACTICE IN THE Standing Palm Strike- Chin Shove Strike Take Down

Compare your position with each shown until you have learned the applied mechanics of the trick and can get a stronger man off his balance and so discount his strength by scientific shoving.

This method enables you to commence your study of this course with the same safety and accuracy of movement as if you were being carefully grounded in first principles by a painstaking teacher.

In the early stages of practice, it is necessary to pause between the counts "ONE" and "TWO". Otherwise, you may inadvertently give your Opponent too severe a tap on the chin. When first shoving assailant's head back, do it very slowly.

For advanced practice, discard the counts and both attack at the word, "GO", Opponent with the waist hold, an opponent with the chin shove.

The Opponent will attack slowly at first, but as the opponent becomes more expert with the chin shove will attack with increasing swiftness.

There must be no finessing with the arms. Assailant, who attacks with waist hold, knows that opponent's arms are coming inside his, but must not try to defend against them. He must maintain the original direction of attack.

Your one endeavor must be to get the opponent firmly around the waist before the opponent can get the chin shove.

In a real fight, it would not be necessary to place the left hand behind Assailant's back, a blow with the heel of the hand on his jaw is the best method.

This practice will enable you to develop the power to hit a hard blow when necessary, and will also train your eye and presence of mind so that in an emergency you would act vigorously.


The best defense attacks. In other words, keep your opponent so busy defending himself that he has no time to attack you.

In actual combat, do not wait until he attacks you, but get the jump on him.

But the best way to learn a trick is to practice it on a man who is attacking you.

If you practice it on an unresisting opponent, his body is relaxed and you do not meet with the proper resistance.

On the other hand, if you tell him to resist you every time, he will soon be able to prevent you from getting the grip and that makes it impossible for you to practice.

Get your opponent to attack you as instructed. This not only provides you with the proper resistance but reproduces as nearly as possible the conditions under which you would actually have to use the tricks.

Furthermore, it trains your reflex action and makes you instinctively do the right move.

This feature of the course makes it unique for by this method you will be able to do moves better in two or three weeks.


Understand in a real fight you would not shove but would hit your opponent so hard with the heel of your hand below his chin that you would knock him out.

The practice of this trick will give you the power to deliver such a blow and also the presence of mind to use it. It is possible to shove so hard that the opponent is knocked out by the fall.

In practice go no further than unbalancing opponent with a slow shove.

The practice of this trick has greater advantages than merely teaching you a defense against this attack. It teaches you how to use your body quickly in a way that will be valuable in all attacks.

You do not pull his hand away from your chin but evade it by giving way. The effort is made with a swaying motion of the body core which keeps your balance.

Take the position of each of the five photos illustrating this trick, and compare your position with them.

Practice it slowly at first. Afterward you will do it so quickly that an onlooker could not explain what you had done.

In a real fight, you would knock Assailant's hand away, and counter, before he got you in the grip.

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