Should Know About Self-defence


Every person, whether young or old, man or woman, faces threats daily. Many are being preyed on by harassment in society, and society cannot do anything. Don’t you think you are responsible for fighting and saving yourself from goons or harassing situations? Every parent needs to send their child to self-defence classes from a very young age as harm does not see age. It feels helpless whenever our near and dear ones encounter danger right in front of us, but we stay still. Hence, it is utterly essential to take self-defence class to save yourself or your dear ones. Fighting against harm saves us and gives us the confidence and strength to develop our personalities. It helps in being physically and emotionally fit as well.

Is self-defence a crime?

Will you go to jail if you kill someone while defending yourself from attack? Well, there are cases when the victim killed the attacker but couldn’t find a good reason and was jailed. Hence, it would be best if you first tried using pre-emptive force to stop the attack or call for help from police or government officials. If you cannot find any such help, neither can you stop the attacker; it is inevitable to kill them using a sharp weapon nearby. But killing is the last option if you see yourself helpless. It would help if you found a genuine reason to escape jail.

Physical self-defence

In the United States, between 2008 and 2012, there were gun-related deaths, including murders, suicides, and accidental deaths, which were justifiable killings. Violence in the name of self-defence is only acceptable if there is near death threat. Otherwise, it is considered a criminal act, and you can face a jail term.

Physical self-defence

It is a form of defence in which the victim needs to use physical force to defend themselves from the attack. Physical self-defence is of two types – Armed and Unarmed.

Armed self-defence: Weapons from guns and knives to pepper sprays are used in armed self-defence to fight the attacker. There are also domestic tools that you can use during the attack, such as pen knives, nail-cutter, pepper spray, cricket bats, kitchen utensils, lighter, and so on. They are user-friendly weapons if you face robbery or crime in your house. These weapons are reachable to you to attack the person and save yourself.

Unarmed self-defence: You can fight the attacker without using any armed forces. Yes, there are a few techniques by which you can fight against the attacker—martial arts, karate, krav maga, MMA, boxing, and taekwondo help defend.

Learning self-defence is never a bad idea. You can and must join at any age to save yourself from horrible incidents around the world, like rape, robbery, theft, and so many such attacks.

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